Nomenta is specialised in:

Consumer electronics development and industrial production

Our streamlined approach to manufacturing is your secret weapon

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Our services and demands for production are based on understanding of the Western market, values and needs. Our factories are located in China.

We combine the best of both to always give you high value and quality in your manufacturing.

How we help you

Concept & Sourcing

We help you Sharpen up your concept so that you can make the decision whether we should join you in a new product development or if we should help you source the right product for you, with over 20 years in the product sourcing and development industry, 

Sometimes you need help or professional feedback to sharpen up your ideas and concepts. We have a professional team specialised into concept development and can thereby help you describe and define your project. We know the trends on the market and have as thorough understanding of how to both source the right product for you or to manufacture your custom project. Nomenta can lead you in the right direction.

Shared development

If you already have partially developed your product and need to make those final steps to mass production or you would prefer to manufacture some parts yourself, Nomenta can help you with the rest. 

Our fully equipped factory with highly specialised people who can help you with every step of the production. Just let us know and we’ll find out how to meet your needs, whether it be for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB/PCBA), parts or materials (smart fabric / stainless steel / aluminum / wood / plastics), Nomenta can work on the best solution for you.

One stop shop

With more than 20 years of experience and a fully equipped factory we can help you all the way from idea or concept to final product.

We will always give you a high quality of delivery on every step of the process. Nomenta’s team has top-level professionals with many years of experience on every level of the process, from mobile APPs, electronic PCBA design, firmware development, mechanical CAD design, smart fabrics, and packaging. We know the trends on the market and how to produce at high quality, low cost or high speed. We meet all industry standards in our manufacturing.

We are your trusted partner from idea and concept to the final manufactured product.

We take responsibily in everything that we do. We know that we have to take care of environment, people and a healthy economy around the world.

Our packaging is environmenal friendly and we take good care of our employees both workwise, economically and the working environment.

We understand your needs

We help you
every step of the way

We have top-level professionals specialised in every step of the process; from idea to final product.

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Our process looks like this

Our experience becomes your advantage

Whether you have a specific product in mind or need some guidance, we’ll provide you with our robust market trend knowledge to ensure profitability.

Once we’ve established your vision for a product, we’ll jump straight into research and design development to bring your product concept from sketch to tooling. As soon as design and final samples are approved, our operations team will do what they do best – diligently oversee production and deliver your product on schedule.

Understanding needs

1. Understanding your needs

We help develop your ideas and examine your needs regarding:

  • Price
  • Quality and functionality

We also evaluate if:

  • Product is innovative and fits current trends
  • Product is competitive

2. Profitability examination & feedback

We examine if it is worth producing:

  • Provide constructive feedback on the idea
  • Make a profitability examination in collaboration with our R&D
Product development

3. Product development

In this phase, we specify all details, enabling the making of 3D drawings. We prepare and carryout a thorough:

  • Product specification
  • Materials specification
  • Specification of functions
  • Examination of the products development possibilities
  • Examination of various solutions
  • Collaboration with partners, factories and our own R&D

Preparation of product specification for factories with price and quality objectives

Quality assurance

4. Quality assurance

  • Quality Assurance specifications ensure a consensus between the production parties, the customer and Nomenta+Komkia, aiming to prevent extra costs and possible delays during production.
  • QA specs also ensure compliance with delivery time.
Parts procurement

5. Parts procurement

  • Provide guidance on how to produce the product.
  • Run pilot productions to narrow down the possibility of defects or production issues.
  • Go through an acceptance course concerning prototypes, colours, functions, electronic solutions, etc.
  • R&D and Quality control carry out several production controls.

6. Production

Our factory allows production to be overseen in-house.

Our procurement team also leverages close relationships with an extended network of suppliers to present you an in-depth analysis of production costs and supplier alternatives accordingly.

Quality control

7. Quality control

To guarantee high results and consistent quality, we carry various controls:

  • Incoming Quality Control (IQC): controls materials conform to the applicable standards.
  • Online Quality Control (OCQ): aiming to catch and correct defects during production
  • Random Final Inspection (RIF): via Accepted Quality Level (AQL) which is specified by the customer.

8. Logistics

We know how much it means to get our customers products delivered on time. That’s why we make sure to work closely with partners to coordinate all the logistics of the orders (from booking containers to arranging door to door deliveries).

It all starts with our fully equipped factory

We meet all industrial standards

Electrical Standards

Electrical standards

Chemical Standards

Chemical standards

Electrical Standards

Electrical standards

Chemical Standards

Chemical standards

We understand your needs

We help you
every step of the way

We have top-level professionals specialised in every step of the process; from idea to final product.

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We have lots of experience

We always listen to your needs


Your TRUSTED partner
when developing advanced
and innovative electronics
of high quality

We have more than 20 years of experience and top-level professionals

One step ahead

Why we are the best

We have a great understanding of the Western and European needs since we are established there as well.
We meet ALL industry standards, electrical as well as chemical, and we focus a lot on the SDGs. 

With 20 years of experience and top-level professionals we have a throughout  knowledge of the market, the trends and every step of the manufacturing process and we know how to make the budget work for you.

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