Nomenta has more than 20 years of experience

We manufacture for some of the largest brands

We help you all the way from idea to the final product has been delivered

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Our services and demands for production are based on understanding of the Western market, values and needs. Our factories are located in China.

We combine the best of both to always give you high value and quality in your manufacturing.

Who are our clients?


Startup projects

From building your idea and taking the first steps towards a ready-for-manufacture-product, whether you began on Kickstarter, Indigogo, Ulule, or crowd funding on your own.

Our expert team listens to your message and ideas, and jointly crafts your message into your product.

With our state of the art Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS), our engineers can customise your project and your vision by designing PCBA, firmware, software, and housings from any type of plastic material, including; ABS, PE, PC, Silicone, etc.

We help you make your product become a reality – no matter if you are a startup or an established brand.



We understand your needs and challenges.

We have our own brands and are therefore experienced in the needs of; time to market, cost-efficient production and quality that reflects your image, creating a great product that represents you.

To create your image, doesn’t only take great design we understand the importance of branding that is built on the trust between you and your customers, we understand your corporate social, economic, and environmental responsibility that may define your brand, that may require your brand to focus on a topics such as sustainability, or cradle to grave engineering.

We have the experience and skills to design a product that matches your corporate image.

industry industrial clients

Industrial clients

We support your business to be best in class.

Our fully equipped factories and top-level professionals meet all industry standards to produce your advanced and customised parts.

We follow strict procedures with ISO management standards, and have great partnerships with certification labs including TUV and SGS.

In-House SMT machines, for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB/PCBA), that are SMD or DIP compatible and we support with our electronics, layout and design engineers.

Our mechanical engineers are experienced in plastics tooling, CNC metal parts, aluminum extrusions, furniture grade wooden parts and with our 25 years of supply chain management we can support just about any task including durability, performance and lifetime testing.

We have lots of experience

We have a great understanding of the customer and the Western market

We take responsibily in everything that we do. We know that we have to take care of environment, people and a healthy economy around the world.

Our packaging is environmenal friendly and we take good care of our employees both workwise, economically and the working environment.

One step ahead

Why we are the best

We have a great understanding of the Western and European needs since we are established there as well.
We meet ALL industry standards, electrical as well as chemical, and we focus a lot on the SDGs. 

With 20 years of experience and top-level professionals we have a throughout  knowledge of the market, the trends and every step of the manufacturing process and we know how to make the budget work for you.

We understand your needs

We help you
every step of the way

We have top-level professionals specialised in every step of the process; from idea to final product.

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Your TRUSTED partner
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of high quality

We have more than 20 years of experience and top-level professionals

We always listen to your needs

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