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Consumer electronics development and industrial production

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Our services and demands for production are based on understanding of the Western market, values and needs. Our factories are located in China.

We combine the best of both to always give you high value and quality in your manufacturing.

Our core team

Christian S. Jensen

CEO and founder

Michael Schjerbeck

Director and partner

David Feng

Owner and partner

Sam Liu


Hari Price

Commercial project engineer

Fay Lei

Project manager

Lars Nissen

EU sales manager

Mike Li

R&D manager

Our experience becomes your advantage


Our specialized R&D team, innovative designers and engineers have allowed us to provide unparalleled quality to our clients over several decades in the industry. 

  • Veteran client service team
  • In-house R&D center Shenzhen (25 engineers) / R&D branch: Vietnam ( 15 engineers)
  • Design team: Denmark (20 industrial designers)
  • R&D partner: Germany/Denmark (500+ engineers)

We have top-level professionals on every step of the process


We understand your needs

We help you
every step of the way

We have top-level professionals specialised in every step of the process; from idea to final product.

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Nomenta specializes in the design, development and marketing of next generation consumer products ranging from digital accessories to smart travel solutions. Our passion for innovation and a reputable reputation is reflected in our user-friendly products. Through constant monitoring of consumer needs, we design and develop products that not only align to long term market trends but also provide greater value for our consumers.


Sourcing office set up in Guangzhou, China.


Nomenta Industries (HK) Ltd is officially established, focusing on design and R&D services for customers in Europe.


Own R&D department established.


Simpak was established. A wearable electronics company, focusing on delivering wearable electronics for bags and clothing. Simpak has since transitioned into a part of Nomenta’s R&D and Sales.


Portfolio of larger international brands are signed up as clients.


Focus on the audio sector increases and high-end audio products designed by famous Danish designers are launched.


Production for established Danish brands like Georg Jensen Damask starts.


Nomenta develops a new growth strategy with focus on sound and light.
The brand Kooduu is officially launched and Nomenta Industries International B.V. is established in Holland.


Komkia Electronics acquires 51% of Nomenta Hong Kong and the two companies merge operations. Head count increases from 30 people to 750 people with factories in Shenzhen.


Remodelling of Shenzhen factory and offices.


Seizing the opportunity to curate a well crafted image and supplement that with quality products across the market spectrum, Nomenta has created our own brands, making Nomenta well positioned to compete on the global stage and understand our customers’ needs more thoroughly.

Lifestyle products with a twist ...

The name Cre-Nordic stems from the combination of Creative and Nordic Design this captures the essence of what Cre-Nordic stands for encompassing the philosophy of the Danish Modern. The design profile of Cre-Nordic is built upon the Scandinavian design team which develops, refines, and creates projects in to a quality branded home audio and lighting products engineered to be unique and enduring. Cre-Nordic has partnered with Danish icons such as Jacob Jensen, Georg Jensen Damask.

Set the Mood ... Wherever, Whenever

Founded in 2017 in Amsterdam, Kooduu is the groundbreaking lifestyle brand bringing innovative home electronic solutions to the US market. Founded on the Danish concept of “Hygge”, Kooduu’s well-priced PRODUCTS make connecting the outdoors to your home simple and affordable.

While a relatively new company, Kooduu has already experienced major success in the European market. With products so versatile they fit with a host of different retailers, Kooduu is available in over 1,000 outlets including home decor, kitchen and bathroom and wine and gift shops along with several major DIY chains throughout Europe. From millennials furnishing their first apartments to families entertaining to restaurants and hotels…Kooduu’s multifaceted nature appeals to the masses.

We take responsibily in everything that we do. We know that we have to take care of environment, people and a healthy economy around the world.

Our packaging is environmenal friendly and we take good care of our employees both workwise, economically and the working environment.

We understand your needs

We help you
every step of the way

We have top-level professionals specialised in every step of the process; from idea to final product.

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Nomenta prides our-self in self-regulation that aims to contribute to societal goals by engaging in ethically-oriented practices. As an internal organisational policy or a corporate ethic strategy, Nomenta employs Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to push it beyond individual or even business-wide initiatives and applying socially responsible efforts towards our customers, employees and stakeholders.


Nomenta is a member of the International Standard Organizations complying to the. consensus-based, market relevant International Standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges, think of them as a formula that describes the best way of doing something. Whether it be about making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials.


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and innovative electronics
of high quality

We have more than 20 years of experience and top-level professionals

One step ahead

Why we are the best

We have a great understanding of the Western and European needs since we are established there as well.
We meet ALL industry standards, electrical as well as chemical, and we focus a lot on the SDGs. 

With 20 years of experience and top-level professionals we have a throughout  knowledge of the market, the trends and every step of the manufacturing process and we know how to make the budget work for you.

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