Great products are born by detecting and fulfilling a void, need or want. Nomenta’s team brings the skills, vision and motivation that help to ground concepts and ideas to become a real quality product that can be offered to evolving markets.

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From sketches, drafts and concepts, 2D, 3D and mechanical drawings, we have a strong and experienced team that translates ideas to actual products. Our team expands from local designers and mechanical engineers trained in house to collaborations with world famous industrial designers.

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With a wide range of experience at your service, we offer a strong and knowledgeable team to handle your projects and product needs in terms of design, quality assurance, control, production and testing, as well as overall management of developments.

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4 in 1

Challenge: To make a functional and easy to use DYI tool (4

Distance Meter

Challenge: To take the DYI Tool Distance meter and give it a

Bluetooth Receiver

Challenge: To provide the customer with a simple and elegant

Travel Charger TC250

Challenge: This Travel Charger was based on the original

Thermometer Probe

Challenge: Provide a product for the modern cook that likes

Bluetooth car kit

Challenge: Based on the customers inquiry  to provide a

Travel Charger TC200

Challenge: Following the concept of the Universal Charger

Boserup BBQ Thermometer

Challenge: Provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing